Our drawing office utilises fully computerised 2D and 3D detailing systems.

We have successfully provided quality services for a variety of clients utilising a myriad of hardware and software products.

Because we have a fully integrated PC based network with an array of workstations having the ability to run several different CAD software programs on a moment’s notice, we can meet the demanding schedules of client’s requirements.

Our goal is to provide our clients seamless engineering support, so we appear to be another arm in their organisation.

Below are a few of the major software products we use in our day to day operations.

• StruCAD/Tekla Structures
• AutoCAD

BIM Models (Building Information Modelling)

Structural steel has a unique position in the BIM world; The Structural Steel industry has been using BIM capable tools such as 3D modeling and detailing systems since before the term BIM was even in common use. The structural steel model however, represents only one set of data required for constructing a whole building. The models we produce are essentially only a partial BIM.

These tools reduce costs, increases efficiency, reduces errors and accelerates our schedules. There is a huge necessity for BIM models within the construction industry.











On past projects we’ve exported our steel 3d models into specific formats for the engineer/architect to import into the main BIM model. This has proven useful for all of the design team, it allows other trades to plan a head and has prevented costly errors made at a later date.